How about P:E Ratio?


Would be really powerful if PE ratio were calculated per food, per time period, and even settable as a goal


  • I came here to request this very thing. It's a very simple metric, and I believe it will help many people easily track their total diet, without having to count and track everything else.

  • So that link gives very little info without a long slog. What’s the basic idea of the PE diet?

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  • Basically it's total Protein divided by total Energy (carbs + fat)

    Over 1 means you're getting more protein than energy, which Dr Ted Naiman argues (rather convincingly) is really all you need to worry about.

    In a nutshell, Protein builds the body, and Energy is fuel, which gets either burned or stored as fat.

    Too low of a ratio (lower than 1) means you're storing energy as fat. A ratio over 1 means you're likely burning more energy than you consume, so you lose weight.

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    Got it, thank you for that. So, is the ratio based on grams or calories?

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  • protein grams / (net carb grams + fat grams)

  • It's ratio based on calories


    EnergyCalories from FatCalories + CarbCalories

    So (Protein_Grams4)/(Fat_Grams9 + CarbGrams*4)

  • No, it's measured in grams.

  • This pe ratio is going to matter a great deal in coming years as people get on board with the idea.

    Hopefully Cronometer will be ahead of the curve??

  • I would love to see this added, too.

  • Well there are a few folks working on this idea with new products.

    So if cronometer don't step up there will be alternatives very soon I expect.

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    I came here looking for a P:E ratio metric... sort of surprised they don't have it already.

  • I came here to suggest the P:E ratio (one for individual food items, and one for the overall day) feature also! Should be very easy to do with the existing information provided by the foot items.

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