Saturated Fat In TJ’s Slaw

The Chronometer states that my Trader Joe’s Slaw is contributing to my saturated fat Intake. How can this be when it’s made up of only Kale, Green Cabbage, Red Cabbage, Brussel Sprouts and Broccoli. If it’s this inaccurate about non-fat vegetables, how can i actually trust it?


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    I don't really know what kind of store Trader Joe's is, but after googling, it seems to me that they sell a bag called Cruciferous Crunch, and then there are recipes for coleslaw that include that Crunch as an ingredient. The recipe that has all the sat fat presumably includes mayonnaise.

    (obviously I might be very wrong)

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    Yes, thank you for the reply, I just actually realized they have two “slaws” one that’s like most full of mayo and other stuff and the other under the name “crunch” which is just shredded veggies. My bad, just yesterday decided to try the Chronometer app for a week. Thanks again for the quick response!

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