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I have been using Cronometer mobile app for sometime. I have just realised that carbohydrates on nutrition labels are calculated differently. So I have just checked the foods I have added using the website and they all have the American label.

So are all the foods I have added have the wrong carbohydrate count? I presume I won't correct this by just changing to the European label? Is there a way to set my app so it always uses the European label? I can't see how to choose the European label in the app, is this possible?

Thank you for your response in advance.


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    Hi Sarah,

    There are no labels on the mobile app - sorry about that!

    The app calculates carbs as total carbs when are entering a custom food. To take this into account, add the fibre value listed on the European label to the carbohydrate value and enter this in for carbohydrates. Sorry for the inconvenience and I will include your feedback to add the ability to use the European standard in the mobile app.

    You can track carbs as net carbs (total carbs - minus fibre) in your targets. Check out Settings > Targets > Macronutrient Targets > Track carbs as Net Carbs

    Karen Stark
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    The only way people who live outside the US/Canada can count carbs on custom foods is to completely understand what carbs mean on our labels, what carbs mean on US labels and that cronometer uses the US system.

    I have been using cronometer since October, and counting carbs for 2 months, and I only just understood this yesterday. I was confused when I added a lentil dish to my diary, and the daily carbs dropped!

    Maybe it's clear to people that are used to counting carbs, but I am new to this and used cronometer to teach myself how to count carbs. Now I realise I have got it quite wrong some days. Maybe the days I blamed a weight spike on portion control, it was actually carbs that I miscounted.


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    I agree, this needs to be fixed ASAP.

    I brought this up last year and was told by app support staff whose response was that I should enter all new foods in the web browser, or do add carbs + fibre if I were to add it into the mobile app. After this email, I stopped using chronometer immediately as I felt I couldn’t trust any of the scannable U.K. food database (some users who have submitted may know this trick but most, like me, have submitted foods incorrectly for years)

    One potential solution could be to add a location (country wise) to user profiles. With a disclaimer that the information is not used for tracking purposes but used only to calculate carbs.

    Every time you have to scan a food and enter into the database, you need to be asked where it located.

    To fix the U.K. food database problem, we need to have an option to edit foods in the database, backed up by photo.

    I’ve recently started using the app again, but I still feel I can’t trust the database for carbs so I’m manually adding everything which is tiresome and I’m scared that soon I’ll loose motivation as this will be too much effort over time.

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    edited February 2020
    To fix the U.K. food database problem, we need to have an option to edit foods in the database, backed up by photo

    You can report an issue with a food in app by clicking on the 3 dots when adding, or on the web, by searching for it (not adding it) and again, clicking on the 3 dots.

    You can also "Edit a copy" which allows you to tweak it to create a corrected version in your personal DB.

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