New Feature: Nutrient Oracle Food Suggestions

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Hi Everyone!

I am excited to tell you guys about a new feature we just released on the web app for our gold subscribers: Nutrient Oracle Food Suggestions.

Cronometer can now look at your current diary and the food you have logged so far for the day and the Oracle can suggest foods that will help you reach your nutrient goal for the day. Low on potassium, but at 90% of you carbs? The Oracle can tell you what foods will fit in. Eating a specialized diet or have certain food restrictions? You can filter out foods that don't match your style and get a list that works for you.

What is even cooler is that you can like and dislike the suggestions we give you to finely tune the food suggestions you get in the future. It's like the Pandora of nutrition! (the music app, not the box)

You can read more about it on our blog here: https://blog.cronometer.com/nutrient-oracle-food-suggestions/

Spencer D.
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    I think, that my like / dislike doesnt work. Because i did it and the food i liked and disliked is not rated next time i try to find food at all. Where is the problem?

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    That sounds like a great feature for gold subscribers! It's always helpful to have suggestions for foods that can help us reach our nutrient goals. The ability to filter out foods based on dietary restrictions is also a great addition. The ability to like and dislike suggestions is a nice touch to personalize the food recommendations.

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    Hi Spencer, the URL on your post above comes back as not found.

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