Anyone else wish weight goal would stay as it was when you look back to days in the past?

Hello all. I think this may be my first post here, and I hate for it to be a complaining one, but I'm just curious if anyone else feels the same way I do about this topic.

First, let me say that I LOVE this app. It has TRULY been instrumental in helping me lose about a hundred pounds in only 9 months (98.6 to be exact). I mean, I've put the work in with regard to diet and exercise, don't get me wrong, but knowledge is power, and the combination of my Apple Watch telling me how many calories I've burned and this app keeping up with how many calories I've consumed has REALLY given me the knowledge I need on a daily basis to achieve my goal.

Now... my issue/frustration is a fairly minor one, but still a bit frustrating. During the course of my weight loss, I've had my weight loss goal set in Cronometer to 2lbs/week which required a 998 daily deficit. But now, I have my weight loss target set to weight maintenance ("Maintain Weight"). All good... until I go and look BACK at a day in the past. The current weight maintenance setting gets applied to any day I look at, and the end-of-day calorie budget gets thrown off unless I explicitly change my weight loss goal back to 2 lbs per week before looking at past days. That's just a bit irritating to me. I wish there was a way for days in the past to persist, as they were on THAT day, with regard to weight loss goal.

Anyone else feel the same?


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    This is a valid issue and crops up elsewhere in the application. For example, when modifying macro goals, prior day reports show current settings and not that day’s setting. This is not ideal for people who have different macro goals on different days of the week.

    Evidently, the application just wasn’t designed to work this way, but rumor has it that an update is being worked on that will fix some of this.

    Unfortunately, that rumor has been around for quite a long time.

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