How to adjust a recipe when draining fat

Is there a way to manually change the nutrition profile in a recipe? For instance, I made 2 meatloaves for a total of 16 servings, but I poured off a full cup of fat that had cooked out. How do I reduce the fat appropriately in my recipe?


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    Hi Carterw,

    You can't manually change the nutrition of a recipe - the values are calculated from the nutrients in the ingredients within that recipe. I can think of a couple of options:

    1. Add another ingredient to your recipe such as beef fat (if using beef in your meatloaf) then add a negative serving size equal to the amount of fat that you poured off.

    2. Create a custom food and enter in the nutrition information from the recipe and edit the fat value. Delete the custom recipe and use this custom food instead.


    Karen Stark
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    Thanks! I will try the negative fat ingredient.

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