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so I added my workouts which are of vigorous activity to my diary...
should I set my activity level to very active? because before changing it, it said i burn around 2800 kcals per day which made sense to me... but after changing it to very active it said i burn around 4000 kcals, I think it's a bit much? like I can eat 1200 more calories during the day according to that which didn't make sense.
(I consume 2200 kcals each day)

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    @Omari you should set your activity level to reflect the time of your day when you do not have logged activities. So, you should guage how active you are outside of your activities.
    For instance, I work an office job and do quite a bit of exercise, so I set my activity level to sedentary, and log all my exercise manually.
    Let me know if that doesn't make sense, and I will try to clarify better.

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