Do exercise calories include bmr?

Do exercise calories on cronometer include bmr? Therefore am I double counting my calories for those time?

For example, if I walk two hours and I input that, it says I burned 204 calories. Is that in addition to bmr or including my bmr?

If it includes my bmr (50 calories per hour), then that’s 100 unnecessary calories that’s being added to my total calories. The walking really only would have added 104 calories.

I just started using cronometers exercise calculations vs my own (which I made sure didn’t include bmr) and I’m now gaining weight faster than expected.

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    Looking at this again, Cronometer seems to deduct bmr from exercise calories. I haven't seen this confirmed but this is why I think that:

    Cronometer uses MET:

    "Our exercise estimates are based on the adjusted MET values given from the Compendium of Physical Activities."


    If you go to Cronometer and input 60 minutes of "lying quietly and watching television", Cronometer says it burns 0 calories. The MET for "lying quietly and watching television" is 1.0. Meaning it burns 1.0 times the amount of calories you burn at rest (bmr).

    Meanwhile, playing the flute is 2.0 METs. When I input 60 minutes of playing the flute in Cronometer, I burn 51 calories.

    The formula to calculate calories burned from METs is:
    METs x 3.5 x (your body weight in kilograms) / 200 = calories per minute

    More accurately, the formula would be METs x BMR cal per minutes = calories per minute. But It seems Cronometer is going by the body weight formula, which is close enough if you're not extremely fat or extremely lean..

    According to the body weight formula, I would burn 51 calories at 1 METs for 60 minutes. 1 MET is your BMR. So it looks like Cronometer discounts the first MET when calculating.

    Answer: Cronometer doesn't seem to count the BMR. Great job Cronometer.

    Comparatively, if I input an activity with 2 METs for 60 min into my MyFitnessPal it gives me 120 calories. A 70 calorie over estimation. MyFitnessPal is counting the BMR calories. Boo MFP, yay Cronometer.

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