Nitric Oxide Dump Exercise

This is a request to Cronometer: PLEASE have the 4 min workout / nitric oxide pump exercise be available to add to the exercise list in Cronometer. Right now, if I do this twice per day, I would not know how to account for from the exercise list provided. Thank you !


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    Aerobics, low impact seems a reasonable fit, assuming you are making great effort in doing the exercises. :)

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    Thank you - as MERCOLA suggests doing the nitric oxide pump, I will try contacting them directly and ask to add this .

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    You might want to get the name right.

    At least I couldn't find anything with that name, but I did find NO dump....


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    Exactly, and then a little further down, he calls it the Nitric oxide dump workout - anyways, as I think Mercola is connected to the Chronometer, I wish he would add it to the exercise list.

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    Hi Amelio,

    Thanks for your suggestion! While we look into the calories burned for this exercise, you could add a custom exercise into your diary - if you have an estimate of how many calories you burn. On the website, use the add exercise button, then use the options at the bottom to enter in a custom exercise.


    Karen Stark
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    Hello Karen, thank you for looking into this - would be great to have it on the exercise list. best regards - Amelio

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    In a cronometer listing, you would have to specify how many rounds and repetitions the entry is based on. The basic exercise has 3 rounds with 20 reps for each exercise.
    Many then over time up this to 40 or 50 reps and up to 4 rounds.

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