Meal Check Off (Daily Planning)

The idea behind this is that perhaps the night before or in the morning I go through and add all the foods that I plan to eat today. Perhaps through a dialog that says plan today/tomorrow that brings me to a screen much like the current diary, I add items, but instead of tagging the items with a timestamp it marks them as not eaten.

How it works:
At night, or in the morning, I would click "Plan Tomorrow", or "Plan Today". I add foods just like I normally do, which saves it automatically as I go.

Diary View:
On my phone, I can see the foods I have planned for today with a button on each item that I can press which states mark as eaten. This will also update the timestamp to be the current time.

I want to view both the plan just as before, what my total nutrients are if I eat everything, but also what my total nutrients are so far including only ones marked as eaten. This way as I exercise throughout the day I can still plan filling out my calorific needs.

Add Food:
Easiest will probably be to have a checkbox in the add food window to "Add future food", or "Mark as not eaten". This way we can still plan food during the day as we burn calories.

This also may create the need for "Mark as not eaten" so that if we forget to check the box we can correct it without needing to delete and add again.

Allow us to choose "Add Food as not Eaten" to be the default. The default for this setting will keep it as now, "Add Food as Eaten", so this does not effect people who don't want to use it. But in settings, setting this as default can make it easier for those using the feature to always add foods as not eaten.

Previous Entries:
When adding this feature to the database, all previous entries should be marked as Eaten as that is how it was used.

Other Ideas:
With this feature it also brings up the ability to create meal plans, or daily plans that can be saved. Often I eat the same things every day, rotating between a few meals. It would be nice to have something similar to a recipe which is used in the planning stage. From the Diary view I can right click and say "Save as Meal", or right click on a day and say "Save as daily plan". This can be fleshed out in a new discussion.


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    This would be great! Thanks for the well thought out, descriptive suggestion! I can definitely see many people benefiting from a feature like this - I will pass it along to the team!

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    Great suggestion! I'd like to have a real meal planning option since ages.

    ATM I help myself by filling the daily records without the time stamps. Once I eat the food, I add the time stamp with a simple click - the foods that don't have a time stamp will be deleted before closing the day.

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