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every day, even if I am under the recommended dose of other vitamins, I always end up with 39000 i.u. of vitamin A (or so), i.e. something like 1600& over min. (I am a 64 year old woman.). for example, today I am having a can of salmon, 2 c. cabbage, 1 sweet potato, citrus fruit, oat milk, 1 T unsweetened cocoa, olive oil and avocado oil mayo. What could I possibly cut out to bring these levels down without losing other important nutrients? This has been happening consistently for several years. I am concerned. Please help


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    Hi cherry,

    The tolerable upper limit (UL) for vitamin A applies to preformed vitamin A (retinol) only; vitamin A from plants sources are in the form of carotenoids (beta-carotene, alpha-carotene and beta-cryptoxanthin) and do not contribute to vitamin A toxicity.

    There is a lot of vitamin A in sweet potatoes; it is all alpha-carotene and beta-carotene, so it does not pose a risk for toxicity.

    You can check your nutrient targets to see that there is a maximum for retinol only. Check out the Settings tab > Targets > Nutrient Targets > Vitamins.


    Karen Stark
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    thank you so much!

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