I need an simple protein shake recipe

I'm getting ready to hunker down to avoid covid-19 and would like a recipe for a home-made very low sugar protein smoothie. I usually use the Atkins shakes, but only have so much room in the pantry :)

I'm not a fruit fan but blueberries could work. Thanks in advance!

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    1 scoop protein powder
    1 cup cold water
    1 small banana (preferrably frozen)
    1 tbs Peanut Butter Powder ( for example, PB2)
    A few ice cubes

    Mix in blender until smooth

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    However, learning how to make a protein shake is a rite of passage for people new to the gym and it can be far from easy. From misadventures such as trying to mix the powder in a pint glass or using a whisk, we’ve heard it all.

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    Hmmm, I have a blender that I use just for smoothies and shakes, and love my dishwasher, although I find that sometimes manual cleaning is needed, because powder can be sticky to containers

    It's a learning process for me, and my go to protein shakes are fairly simple now. I save things like fruit and carbs for other smoothies and stuff.

    1. 2 scoops Body & Fit Micellar Casein Perfection, I prefer chocolate flavour
    2. 1 scoop Body & Fit Ultra Fine Oats
    3. 710ml cold water

    The chocolate helps me fill my chocolate craving, without going out and eating chocolate candy bars as much

    Helps me reach my protein and fiber together, allowing for multiple a day if needed (like when excercising), or you can add extra protein shakes without the fiber

    They have low calorie meal shakes too, but since you asked for a protein shake

    Disclaimer: Not sponsored by them or anything, just like their choice of products

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    "Protein shakes" are a slippery slope.

    When you say "protein shake" it seems like you mean "meal replacement".

    In general, supplements are not substitutes; they should be used "in addition to" rather than "instead of", so if you want to use a protein shake on a weight training day to get a targeted dose of 25g of EXTRA protein above and beyond your daily target, right before your workout, that's a great use of protein shakes.

    If the plan is to replace one or meals during the day, I would maybe think about what's really important about that to you that a little more.

    Is there really a need to replace a whole food meal with liquid calories? (liquid calories have been shown to have more of an effect than solid food, especially in regards to sugar, even if it's so-called "healthy" sugars from fruit or honey.)

    It's always better to focus on whole foods and eating a real meal whenever possible. You'll be happier and more satisfied, and probably consume fewer calories. Even though they seem healthy on the surface, smoothies and meal replacement shakes can REALLY add up to a lot of calories.

    Chances are you'd have a much more difficult time eating a banana, several tablespoons of almond butter, 8-10oz of almond milk, a cup of berries and 25g+ worth of protein (that's like 3 oz of chicken breast) all in one sitting, but can easily smash that in just a few minutes in liquid form. Eating that same meal in whole food form is going to take longer, require you to slow down and chew your food and give time for the stretch receptors in your stomach to acknowledge that you have eaten.

    On the other hand, if you're simply just too busy to eat a meal and getting in a smoothie is the difference between getting in some protein, and not eating at all, then it's better than missing that extra opportunity for some protein.

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    Yeah, sooo.... Thx for the lesson and amazing advice.... /sarcasm
    I'm sure it was well intentioned...

    Or maybe some people have allergies and stuff, and shakes are a great way to supplement a daily lifestyle to make sure people get enough in...

    Eating right before your workout is a great way to guarantee throwing up and stuff. It is normally recommended to wait around 2 hours or so before excercising. Hence the advice usually to wait with eating after your excercise for example. Although there are some sources that say it doesn't matter if you take it after the training, you can have it for breakfast too as long as it is within the same day, keeping in mind the excercise pause you need to digest.

    Going around lecturing people can be a slippery slope as well. Your advice is short sighted, and full of faults, or am I lecturing too much now?

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    It could seem like a lecture; especially online where it's difficult to convey tone and intent, but generally speaking people will see better results from sticking with whole foods.

    At the end of the day, everyone is the expert in their own experience and should choose the solutions they've found work best for them.

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    You are going around giving spotty advice and being overbearing

    The thread is about protein shake recipes, not to go around preaching all kinds of your personal philosophies on food as some kind of religious experience.

    Stick to the topic please.

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    @Sporty I see. What about my advice seems spotty to you?

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    Please stop derailing this thread. I've have given examples of where you were wrong before.

    Some of us have better things to do on a friday night, then this kind of nonsense.

    Have a nice day :-)

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