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I think it would be very convenient if the fasting clock would start automatically when I log my last meal of the day, and then stops automatically when I log the next following meal. Or something along those lines. Food diary items do have timestamps that could be used for this.

Reasoning: I do 16:8 intermittent fasting, but I'm pretty liberal about exact timings, so sometimes it's 14:10, sometimes 18:6, or somewhere in between, and starting/ending times vary from day to day. Other fasting apps I have used, know when you have your meals (if you log them of course), and suggest to start and stop the fasting timer in conjunction with those meals, which I find very convenient. I'm hoping you could add something similar in Cronometer. Currently I have to edit the exact fasting times manually in the fasting history (which is preset to do 16:8 repeatedly the exact same times every day), which is kind of a bother (yes, I am lazy). I'm just thinking I shouldn't have to manually edit the fasting times, because the information is already available in the timestamps of the food diary (which the app could use!).

I suppose it depends of what you want from a fasting timer. If you simply want a sort of reminder for when your regular fasting times should be the app works fine as is, but if you want to create a log over your fasting habits and be able to look back at how it evolves over time, I thinks the app could do better, hence my suggestion above. Hoping I can desert my dedicated fasting app for Cronometer :smile:



  • Hi @sonofjon ,

    Thanks for the very detailed suggestion! I'll pass this along to our development team :)

    Please let us know if you have other feedback on our fasting feature!


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  • HI @JoeShmoe ,

    A start and stop button would be great! We've added it to our feature request list!


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  • Zero on android uses a widget to start and stop a fast. It makes if very simple.

    Though I guess in cronometer, you might already have the app open, so it wouldn't be such a time saver.

  • I agree with these feature requests.

    The way I’d like to use the fasting feature is by having a daily fast that starts at a defined time and ends either when I click a stop fast button, or when I log my first food.

    Then I’d really love to be able to click on the fast itself and have it offer to intelligently adjust the fasting times to match when I logged my last/first foods, with the ability to adjust the time. So a dialog box like:


    Adjust fast to match food diary?

    (last logged food intake) - (first logged food intake)

    (cancel) (submit)


    I would then set the start time of the fast to be 15 or 30 minutes after the last logged food intake, to allow for the time spent eating whatever it was.

    Thank you for considering these ideas!

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    I agree: the fasting piece on Cronometer needs improvement. I ditched the automatic schedule within a week, as I need flexibility in when I start and stop my 16-8 fast. Some days I’m done eating by 3:30, and some days it is more like 5:00. It also shuts off automatically, but that doesn’t suit me either, as sometimes I stretch a 16-8 into an 18-6. The suggestions above are a year old. Has anything changed @Marie_Eve_Cronometer? I would like the fast to start when I check off that I’m done eating for the day and end when I log in my first meal of the day.

    🇨🇦 Dee in BC

  • I still want my fast to start when I hit “Done for the Day.”
    Is Cronometer, @Marie_Eve_Cronometer, still working on this?
    I am still preferring my other fasting app.

    🇨🇦 Dee in BC

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    I kind of do a workaround for it right now, but it's not truly ideal. I just set my end time for each fast 24 hours after the start time then end it when I choose to eat.

  • IF is gaining in popularity, but times vary a lot; an easy on-off feature would be very helpful.

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