installing cronometer 0.9.9 in Ubunu

Can someone tell me how to build/install/run cronometer in Ubuntu 18? And while we're at it why aren't there any instructions included in a readme file? I'm not computer illiterate, I started learning BASIC in 1970, but my coding and compiling days are well behind me. I see this a lot with Source Forge projects. I sometimes feel like its some sort of rite of passage, if you aren't enough of a nerd to be able to figure out how to build from the source code, then you haven't earned the privilege of using the software. It seems rather unprofessional, TBH. Sorry, I had to vent, this has bugged me for years, I see a nice open source app on Source Forge, and all it ends up doing is wasting disk space, and I'm really hoping that cronometer doesn't join that sorry club. Thanks.


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