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Now that companies are finally being required to reveal the amount of Added Sugar in their products, it would be great to be able to track this instead of just total sugar. There is an RDA for Added Sugar.


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    Hi SteveM,

    You can track added sugar in your nutrient targets. Check out Settings > Targets > Nutrient Targets > Carbohydrates.
    Find Added sugar in the list and tick the box under the 'visible' column. Added sugar has a maximum target of 50g/day by default; you can edit the value in the settings as well.

    Though it is now required that companies report added sugar on the nutrition label in the US going forward, there will still be products in the database that do not have an added sugar value yet. Keep that in mind when choosing foods to add to your diary. Your actual intake may be higher than your tracked values show.


    Karen Stark
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