How to delete a custom recipe or food


Can someone please tell me how to delete a recipe or a food that I have created. TIA



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    Hello @Daniel5 ,

    On the website (https://cronometer.com), you can delete custom foods and recipes by Following these steps:

    1) Go to the 'Foods Tab'
    2) Select the food you wish to delete from the list on the left hand side, this will open the food editor.
    3) Select the gear icon in the top right hand corner and choose 'Delete Food'

    You can also delete a custom food or recipe from the mobile app by simply going to the 'My Foods' Tab, and tapping the big red 'X' on Android or swiping right on Apple.


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    Thank you!

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    Yes, thank you!

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    It worked

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    OK, I'm new here and this is an old thread but let's see. When I click on foods under "search foods" a list does come up but it's not on the left and there is no food editor or gear icon showing up so I seem to not be able to delete anything?

    If I click on one of the items listed there are three dots on the upper right and when I click "delete" and verify that thiis is done, the item does not come off of the list. And, after doing this several times with different items, the next time I try to delete another one, the "delete" option stops showing up on the three dot menu, I can only edit and then the whole thing stops working.

    So, I little clarification would be much appreciatejd. thx

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