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Dear Cronometer Team,

I have recently gotten your gold edition and have really enjoyed it. I would now like to combine my healthy eating with measuring vitals during sport. I see that you support Fitbit as a connecting device. Does this apply to both Fitbit Vista and Fitbit Charge 3? This will determine whether I purchase a Fitbit, and if so which model. I look forward to your reply.

Kind regards, J.M

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    Any Fitbit device will work. Cronometer syncs specific data from your Fitbit user account independent from what device you are using. Now only certain data fields will sync. I don't have a Fitbit but found an old Cronometer blog post: "We now support Fitbit devices in cronometer. You can automatically sync and import your weight, body fat, sleep, and activity data."

    This post is from 2014, possibly more information can be synced. You can create an account prior to purchasing a Fitbit on their website. Once created connect it to your cronometer account to see what data points are available to sync over. You can find this in the cronometer settings either on the web or mobile device.

    Head over to Fitbit.com, click on the person icon top right corner. On that page look for "Want to try out Fitbit?SIgn Up".

    Hope this helps


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