Too Much Sodium listed in my Recipe

Hey all! New user to cronometer but love what I see so far. But I have a recipe question. I put in the recipe for my oat milk that I make but its showing that it has over 77 mg of sodium. My recipes ingredients don't have sodium and I don't add any. What could cause this and how do I adjust it?



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    Hi StephenB,

    The nutrients in your recipe are calculated from the values in each of your ingredients. I would be happy to take a look at your recipe to find the source of sodium. There are trace amounts of sodium in unfiltered water and a very small amount in oats as well - these might be adding up to the sodium in your recipe.


    Karen Stark
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    When I wanted to see what was contributing to sodium in a recipe, I logged the recipe on the following day in my diary and exploded it then hovered over sodium in the nutrient table at the bottom of the diary. Once I was done looking at how the recipe ingredients contributed to nutrient values, I deleted all the items from the diary. It would be nice to have a similar feature on the recipe screen as on the diary, but this work around isn't too difficult.

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