Breakdown of nutrition content to recipe ingredients

Hello, it seems like a basic functionality, but I can't make it work, perhaps you can help me.
When I compile me recipe, I'd like to see how each of the ingredients contributes to the final content of protein, fat, etc.... Only then I'll know how to modify the recipe to make it healthier, or meet my needs, etc. A simple spreadsheet gives this functionality, but here when I highlight an ingredient nothing happens, the final summary is still for the recipe as a whole.

How can I display nutrition content of a single ingredient?


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    Often I like to begin my recipe in the diary. That way I can monitor macro and micronutrient changes as ingredients are added and I can easily adjust relative quantities to achieve whatever I'm trying to accomplish. Selecting just one ingredient on the diary page shows the nutrition content of that single ingredient.

    When satisfied with all that, I just:

    • select all the ingredients
    • right-click
    • "Create Recipe From Selected Items..."
    • finish up on the Foods/Custom Recipes page.

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    Hi Maciej,

    Thanks for your feedback - this is something we would like to add in the future.@OldHobo that is a great workflow to get your nutrients just right!


    Karen Stark
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    Thank you both!

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