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I notice on the exercise entry for walking that the number of minutes as asked for. I have steps and miles available on my pedometer, but not minutes. How do I translate the steps or miles to enter calories burned correctly?


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    Hi Nemo. Noticed nobody replied yet and since nobody frequently replies to mine either, thought I'd chime in despite the lack of any mastery of the topic.

    Translating exercise into calories burned is at best, a very inexact science subjective art. I don't use a pedometer but whether walking on a treadmill or outdoors I just pick the most applicable selection from Crono's list, erring in the direction of underestimating calories burned.

    In the probable case that this comment isn't helpful, just consider it a bump to the thread that might bring it to the attention of a smarter member or staffer.

    "Eat food, not too much, mostly plants." Michael Pollan

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    Thanks for your good suggestions, Old Hobo.

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