What about the labels in other languages?

I live in the Netherlands and I have to put in everything manually. Cause the labels are in Dutch.

also here, the producers do not state on the label how much vitamins and minerals are in the food. So I eat for example a very nutrition packed bread and only the carbs and calories go up.

I wish there could be something done about this issue. It’s really a big one.



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    Hi Mimie,

    The lack of nutrients listed on packaged products is a wide-spread issue with detailed nutrition tracking. There are so many new food products available each year, it is too much for governments (who publish the bulk of the detailed nutrition analysis in many countries) to keep up with.

    Rather than using brand name products, we recommend searching for the closest generic equivalent from NCCDB or USDA in our food search. These will give you a much longer list of nutrients in your foods.

    This will give you a much better picture of the nutrition in your bread!


    Karen Stark
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