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I'm making custom dishes in the app for my clients.

I'd love to give them a barcode that they can scan and have that info populate automatically for them. I also have an online program that has all my recipes in a booklet. If I had a barcode I could also direct them to cronometer as an option for logging their food. Is it possible to add a barcode or link to a created recipe in cronmeter? That way when they click the recipe it opens up in cronometer so they can quickly log the recipe.


  • I know you could create a QR code (a type of 2D 'bar' code) that points to the "Full Info at" page for the food or recipe. However, this page doesn't provide a way to directly log the food into a diary. There is an interface for adding bar codes to custom foods and recipes, but unless they can see your custom foods, I don't think those would come up if they scanned the bar code unless they have access to your custom food database.

  • Hi aferchaud,

    Cronometer doesn't generate barcodes, but you can find online resources to make barcodes. Once you have a barcode created for your recipe, you can add it to your recipe in Cronometer to make them accessible to your clients using the barcode scanner. This is such a great idea to make it easy for your clients!

    In the Recipe Editor page, enter the barcode number associated with your recipe using the green + shown here:


    Karen Stark
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  • Perfect. Thank you so much Karen. Can anyone with cronometer access my recipes or only those that are on the higher paid plans?

  • Okay, I tried that, but it doesn't appear to work @Karen_Cronometer. I added the barcode number. Then I created another cornometer account to see if I could search it. It says the food is not found. I then logged back into my other cronometer account where I created the account and searched by the barcode and it worked. Is the custom recipe only available to me?

  • Hi aferchaud,

    When you created a new account to test the barcode, did you add yourself as a friend or client of your Pro account? The custom recipe should be available to you and the clients or friends you have shared the recipe with.

    Karen Stark
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  • Nice collection ….Keep posting such things.

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