How do you adjust your clothing choices?

To get to the point, I've lost 20 lbs, been able to keep it off (yay!) but am now running into the issue of how to wear clothes.

My stomach is still fat, even though my collar bones and shoulder blades show (kind of a NSV for me). It's like my body had to lose the visceral fat first and the subcutaneous is going to take forever.

How do you ladies out there deal with having tummy fat and still wear cute summer clothes like maxi skirts, or summer tops tucked into a skirt? I want to wear dresses and skirts with some elastic waistband definition. It's a mixed bag, some look cute and some don't. I also hate the super loose baggy clothing look, as it makes me look more overweight than I am.


  • My advice is to wear what makes you feel comfortable and beautiful! You don't need to hide your body. <3

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  • That's not a helpful response.

  • @pikachu_lvr

    Sorry, I can't give any practical advice, only support. :)

    Susan Macfarlane, MScA, RD
    Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
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    I'm confused; if your stomach is still fat but your collar bones are showing, then you have lost subcutaneous fat but still have visceral fat. One of the best proxy measures for visceral fat is waist circumference. It's possible to have a big tummy and little visceral fat, but the only way to find that out would be a body scan of some sort.

    I know this is not what you are asking, but studies indicate that low carb diets and intermittent fasting are effective to reduce belly fat. That's certainly my experience

    As for what you can wear.. Show of those beautiful clavicles! For example, an off the shoulder peasant type blouse that does not taper at the waist, but drapes gently. Paired with a pencil skirt or Capri pants that have an elastic waist hidden by the drapes, and I think that could look very beautiful and show off all your best features.

  • What about fit and flair and wrap dresses?

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    I A B S O L U T E L Y A D O R E the wide neck, off shoulder tops and dresses. Cold shoulder as well. Be bold and don the plunging neckline as well. I have a mommy tummy and generally avoid more fitted attire but love an empire, plunging neckline dress that flares out. Blouson styles are our friends as well (ie, rompers, jumpsuits that have the lower, elastic waistline and looks like a loosely tucked in top) Shape wear is a great tool to smoothe out our profile as well.

    A wedge sandal or flip-flop or a kitten heel helps to elongate the leg.

    Not clothing, buttt, Lipstick. Venture out of your comfort zone and try a new shade of lipstick. It brings the eye upwards.

    Most importantly...Learn to love yourself where you are. Even when we lose weight we can see ourselves as we used to look. If I could tell young me one thing, it's love yourself. We are our own worst critic.

  • I am relatively new to this site, but I love it. As someone mentioned above, I have found that when I limit my carb intake, and make up for it with a little more protein, that the stomach is the first place I see a difference! I try to eat approximately 120 carbs grams and around 70 - 80 protein grams a day.

  • I forgot this thread was still going. Well, I recently had a baby so my body is going through different things and these concerns are kind of no more at this point :smiley:

  • Congratulations 🤱 💜

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