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I am a gold member and I have a client logging in his diet on the app. How do I do I see a copy of his diary so I can analyze his diet. I looked under the professional invite option but there wasn’t a way to send a request. I had him added as a friend but I can see his daily food log.

thanks you


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    Hi OscarH,

    We offer a Professional version of Cronometer through which you can access your clients' diaries.

    Check it out here: https://cronometer.com/pro/

    Karen Stark
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    You can also have your client export their diary from the Account tab of Settings on the web app; but this would just be their entries (which food and how much) without all the nutrient data. It would also just be a snapshot of the data in Cronometer - so you'd need the client to export their data and send it to you every time you wanted an update. I imagine accessing the data in chronometer to help with analysis would be well worth the cost of the professional subscription.

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