macronutrients settings?

I am a 70 year old Caucasion male. I am 6'3". 170 lbs.

3 months ago I switched to a mostly plant-based diet. At that time I did not reset any Macronutrient targets. Now I have really dialed in my new eating habits to where they are consistent and repeatable day to day. My weight is down to 170 from a high of 212 last summer, 9 months ago. I am happy with that, though I still have some belly fat, maybe 10lbs, and my waist size is 39, down from 43.

So now getting serious, I feel the need to have an understanding of what my real carb/fat/protein intake is and what it should be if I were to maintain a desired ratio of 50/20/30.

I need help with how to set it up on Cronometer. About a month ago I reset my daily calorie intake target to 1500 as I am eating between 1200 - 1500. But today I am confused....

The question is:
in the macronutrient settings menu using the fixed values option, what values should I put in for the number of grams per day of Carbs/Fats/Proteins? I put in 100/40/60 but I seem to then be eating way too many carbs while on this diet. HELP!!!


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