A most minor and pointless feature request

BMR (kcal/day) = (10 * weight (kg)) + (6.25 * height (cm)) – (5 * age (yrs.) + 5)

Right now Mifflin St. Jeor BMR calculation is based on discrete age. On the day you turn one year older (which is correctly calculated as the days you have been alive / 365, not how many birthdays you have had), you get all 5 of the additional calories. This is not an important change, just a quibble. But, I am requesting that age be calculated with decimal points.

For example, after a half year your BMR should be lowered by 2.5 kcal.

Thanks for the awesome tool!


  • Losing 5 kcal feels a bit like having to pay my driver's license renewal on my birthday - not the way I planned to celebrate :#

    Spread out over the year, I'll never notice they are gone.

    Thanks for your feedback!

    Karen Stark
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  • I'd rather see other formulas implemented than see tweaks to this formula.

    If you do tweak the calculation, I'd suggest using floating point math throughout the calculation then just rounding the result to the nearest whole calorie at the end: Every 2-3 months a calorie would be added due to increasing age (probably unnoticed if you're updating your weight regularly). I'd also suggest age be calculated as days since birth / 365.25 rather than 365.

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