Custom macros burned by exercise


By using a powermeter and/or HR I can estimate how much carbohydrate vs fat I've burned through exercise. High intensity sessions are largely glycogen (carbohydrate) dependent, while low intensity is almost entirely fat fuelled.

It'd be great if we can add macros at the exercise entry screen.

I used to track my calories in another software where I had custom foods with negative calories, and then after a exercise I would just add e.g. -5g protein, -20g fat & -10g carbs. I had great success with this approach (something like targeted keto).


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    That's a whole new level of detail in tracking your macro needs - I love it!

    I have added your request to add custom macro values when adding exercises to your diary. In the meantime, you can use the method that you suggested - create custom foods with a negative macro value to capture what you burned during exercise. For example, a food with -1 g protein; then you can add it to your diary using the serving size to scale it accordingly.


    Karen Stark
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    I actually tried creating custom food with content of -1 g protein, but this didn't work out. Your comment made my try again, and it turns out I can do it the other way around: create food with +1 g protein, but then add -1 g to diary and it worked!

    Thank you.

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    Here's another idea, which might be easier to implement (idk, just trying): let me customize the "Include athletic bonus" from it's current "Adds 1g additional carbohydrates per 50 kcal of exercise." to something else. For example 12.5g/50kcal.

    Not really a substitute for the custom exercise macro ratios, but still step in the right direction (for me doing HIIT vs low intensity).

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