Daily Foods

Some foods I have every day. Is there a way to enter those foods once and have them repeat every day?


  • I don't think there's such a function at the moment, but with my daily foods I use "Copy Previous Day" to set up the base for future dates. I tend to prepare 2-3 weeks of these because I like to pre-plan my meals. :)

  • Hi @lrauntah,
    There are a couple of options for you:
    1. You can copy a diary entry from another day. On your web Browser select a previous day that a food is entered in to your diary. Right click on the entry and select "Copy selected items" You can Multiselect so that you can copy multiple items at the same time by holding the shift button while selecting items from your day. These actions are also available in the settings menu (The gear icon in the top right corner of your diary page). Then right click on Today's diary page and select "Paste" or again select this option from the settings menu. To learn more see our User Manual https://cronometer.com/help/diary/#copy
    2. If you eat a selection of foods that are the same every day, enter all of these foods into a "Recipe". Then add the recipe every day instead of every food. If you eat a different amount of one food on a certain day, you can change the recipe by using the "Explode recipe" Function, again by Right clicking on the entry. See the User Manual for More information at https://cronometer.com/help/foods/#addrecipe
    3. You can mark certain foods as Favourites so they are easier to find when you enter them in to your diary from the Search Dialogue. When you select "Add Food" on your diary page, select the food and then select the yellow Star on the Left hand side of the Dialogue. This will enter this food into the "Favorites" tab for easier access later. Check out this recent Blog post for more information https://blog.cronometer.com/search-tabs-update-polar-integration/

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