Optionally count 1/2 fiber in net carbs

Hello! I think it would be great to be able to choose with a bit more granularity how fiber is factored into net carb count.

Some people have mentioned that soluble and insoluble fibers affect digestion differently, however that data is not widely enough available to be useful. Since that approach is not viable, I think this could be a great alternative.

Since there is some glycemic response to certain types of fiber, what some people do for keto calculation (including myself) is to count 1 gram of fiber as 1/2 gram of my net carbs. I would love to see this option available in Cronometer!

(Note: I currently use a customized TamperMonkey script to view my net carbs this way on MyFitnessPal's website, but it's inconvenient to log food on two apps and also have to switch to a desktop browser to see how each one affects net carb count!)


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