Keto or low carb? Struggling with macros

Hi all, I'm new to the forum. I've been doing a LCHF diet for about 40 days now (Metabolic Factor). I saw great success early on - 10 pounds in three weeks - but have stalled since. I've come to Chronometer to track more carefully. I suspect I went down in protein and fat hoping to keep things moving quickly (I know, it was unrealistic... slow and steady....) but now am tracking to really know. I've done online calculators for keto macros and come up with this: 40g carbs, 90g protein, 113g fat. But when I use Cronometer's settings it's suggesting 40g carbs, 75g protein and 102g fat. I feel like I'll be starving on those amounts (hunger has been an issue since the plateau started.) Any advice or encouragement? Yes, I can do trial and error but would like to do informed trial and error if possible. Thanks!


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