Amino Acids

I'm prioritizing protein to make sure I get all amino acids. My protein for the day is at 103 grams but I'm barely showing any amino acids. The protein for the day is in the form of eggs, bacon, mackerel, and grass-fed ground beef. I would have thought that I would hit amino acid minimums at the very least with these foods. Confused.


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    edited October 2017

    Hi @simplyamy ,

    If you are entering Brand Name Products, it is likely that the Nutrition information for them is incomplete. For Brand Name products we can only enter the information that is listed on the package which often does not include Amino Acids. I would suggest using the Generic Products from NCCDB or USDA which likely have the best information. For example, the item "Bacon, Pork" from NCCDB lists amino acids as does "Eggs, Cooked" from NCCDB.

    It is a good idea to try to use these types of entries in general as they are much more likely to have complete nutritional information than Brand Name entries are.

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    Thank you Hilary. That was exactly the problem. Adjusted to generic entries and bam, amino acids look good : )

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