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Hello everyone,

I’m a new user based in the UK, and I’m following the Keto diet.

I am logging a meal today, and to give an example, the chopped tomatoes I’m using has 2.7g of carbohydrates and 1.9g of fibre per 100g, so with net carbs selected, Cronometer suggests 0.8g of carbohydrates per 100g.

I believe in the UK our food labels already show the ‘net carb’ amount. Should I continue with the ‘net carb’ setting in Cronometer or change to ‘total carbs’ - and if I do this will this mess up the macros for other verified foods I input?

Thanks, and sorry if this is a stupid question!


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    This is important. I am trying to figure it out myself. Chronometer staff posted or European and Australian label types you should enter carbs in the Net carbs field as opposed to the total carbs field.You can learn more about labels and tracking carb.

    It is confusing. I think Australia Total Carbs are already NET bc Fibre separate heading not indented - which means I have been eating way more carbs than I thought!?

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    Hi, I've just had a similar problem. I was adding a branded food and I put down what was on the label. Cronometer adjusted the data to increase the carb amount in the nutrition info box beneath the food and reduce it in the brand nutrition label area. So it looks like its a higher carb count than on the brand's own label. Any solutions yet anyone?

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    Hi there,

    When we add foods to our public database we do take into account what type of label you submit. Both European and Australian labels show digestible (net) carbs on the label and list fibre separately. So the total carbohydrate value in Cronometer will add these two values together.

    When you are creating your own custom foods, change the label type to European or Australia/NZ in order to enter in the nutrition information as they appear on your label. This will calculate the carbs values correctly for you, whether you are tracking total carbs or net carbs.

    Let me know if you have anything isn't clear, or you have any other questions about that.


    Karen Stark
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