Macros/calories don't add up + missing calories

Okay, so hopefully I'm not just crazy, but I swear my macros aren't adding up to the calories Cronometer says I've eaten. I try to eat a low-protein, low-fat diet, and I eat 1200 calories a day. Here are my settings for this:

And here is why/how I calculated these macros:

And below is what my diary is showing for today. You'll see that I am right on target with my carbs and fats and calories, but my protein is 150% over, which doesn't make sense. If it is that much over, and my other two macros are right on target, then my calories should be over, as well. When I calculated what my calories SHOULD be, based on my grams of carbs/protein/fats, it came out to 1244, so somehow I have apparently eaten 46 more calories than are being account for, and if my protein is 50% higher than it should be, then I should actually be at 60 calories over my goal (15g too many * 4 cals/gram = 60).

So, first question: Where did the 46 calories go? Rounding error due to inaccurate food labels? Maybe they round down calories and round up protein?

Second question: How can I be over on one of my macros and spot on everywhere else? Why aren't I 60 calories over my goal?


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    Hi there,

    There are more accurate calorie estimates for many foods than the 4 kcal/g for carbs and protein and 9 kcal/g for fats - we use these factors instead, when we have the data available. Depending on the source of the data for the foods added to your diary, this could account for the difference you are seeing.

    You are brought up a good point about error introduced by rounded macro and energy values on packaged food products - this could be having an effect too

    Karen Stark
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