Macronutrient composition of a meal

Hi, new here, apologies if I missed something, but cannot find an answer to this.

I'm trying to calculate the kcal contribution of macronutrients to the overall energy intake of a meal. I did not record the meal as a separate recipe, but simply entered each ingredient in the diary. I then downloaded 'servings' data from my diary to do the calculation. Since you're not using the 4/4/9 Atwater factors, it is confusing. When I'm taking the gr of Fat, Protein and Carbs and multiplying them by these factors, my total cals are not the same as the total cronometer calculated. Is there a way to see/ download the kcal per macronutrient per food? This would help to get the ratios right (not a major issue, as they are only off by about 3%, but would be good to have consistency).

Thank you


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