Targets missing

Hi All,

I've been using cronometer the past few days and could see all my daily targets for macro and micronutrients.

Today all of a sudden, all the targets are gone:

Can anyone help me to get them back?



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    It's not just you. After years of using this site, it's suddenly useless.

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    Everything has now reappeared. Maybe they were making some technical changes, but we've been left to guess since this question went unanswered.

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    Hi there,

    We had a bug in the display of nutrient targets after our last update - so sorry about that! Your targets are still there, don't worry!

    We are working on it ASAP. Please try reloading your page to see if your targets return. If you wouldn't mind sending us an email at support@cronometer.com we are wondering what browsers you are using.

    Thanks for reporting this!

    Karen Stark
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