May 26 2020, cronometer appears to be adding calories when I go to close off the day.

I've found I've had to delete the day numerous times and redo my entries today as every time I go to hit the...to close off my daily log, Cronometer is adding hundreds of extra calories to my daily total that don't add up to the calories included in the daily log. I'm in Australia so a day ahead of many users. Any ideas other than to not close off the day.


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    edited May 2020

    I've actually just opened the application up again to check and even without trying to complete the day its added another 1100+ calories to my total calories for the day. It's just not adding up correctly today. My 1296.2 calories total has changed to 2415 Calories. My dietician would go berserk if she saw this!!

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    Hi Heather,

    Would you mind writing in to support@cronometer.com so we can look into your account settings with you? Our support team will be happy to help you out!


    Karen Stark
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