Most foods have more macronutrients than calories?

So I'm aiming to consume 3400 kcal a day.
I only enter foods into the diary whose nutritional values are certified. However, when I reach 100% of my calories, I end up with 10-15% too much fat, carbs or protein, while none of the three macronutrients is lower than 100%. Doesn't make sense right?
That's because most of the foods I enter into the diary don't have energy levels that match up with its macronutrients. We know that a gram of protein / carbohydrates is 4.1 kcal, a gram of fat 9.3 kcal. Now, if we take simple oats for example, cronometer says 100g of oats have 379 kcal, 13.2g protein, 67.7g carbs and 6.5g of fat. If we multiply the values of the protein and carbs with 4.1 as well as the values of the fat with 9.3, we get 392, not 379. And oats are only one of the foods where the values don't match up. This manipulates the final result of the day so much that I don't know if I even consume enough calories or protein.

Can anyone tell me if I'm wrong or is this actually an important issue?


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