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These "sort by" items appear to pull data from the entire database instead of only listing my most recent or most frequent items. Is that how it should function? I realize that Favorites is probably the preferred method for finding my foods. Sometimes, though, I use a particular item infrequently or just have forgotten to mark it as a favorite.


  • Hi kohee,

    The search algorithm shows the most popular items used in the database that match the search term you have entered, at first. After adding foods to your diary, it learns what YOUR most recent/frequent foods you have been logging to tailor the food search to you. It's harder to capture those foods that you haven't used recently or use infrequently, though we are always working on improvements to the algorithm.

    Karen Stark
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  • My frequent list has a few items I had once, and only once, over a month ago but still doesn’t have something I’ve had several times in the last week.
    My recent list has several items I haven’t had in months but doesn’t have something from today.

  • I eat Starkist tuna several times a week and it doesn't show up in either of those sorting lists. For that matter, nothing I record regularly ever shows up in either of those lists.

  • My "most recent" list appears to be a completely random mix or items I've used either within the past few days or haven't used in years. I really wish this list gave me literally the MOST RECENT items input in my diary. With these kind of search results, this feature is essentially useless to me.

    The "Most Frequent" list offers some more recognizable items, but it also has some confusing ones. I haven't eaten a banana in about a decade, so not sure how that ended up on my list.

  • We need more feedback from Cronometer on this feature because -- for some of us at least -- it currently seems useless.

  • "Filter as you type" for recent foods would be great.

  • I have the add food selection set to most recent and typed in 'whey'. I scrolled all of the way through the list and it doesn't contain either of the two whey products I use multiple times a day, every day. The same goes for the most frequent filter option. These features are a bit lacking in functionality ... unless my/our expectations need to be refined.

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    @kohee Our expectations are definitely reasonable, as many other similar services offer this function-even to free users. The baffling thing is that cronometer does a really good job with functions that others have made a bit cumbersome. Examples being: recipe creation, copy/paste feature, the calendar view (website), and of course food accuracy. "Filter as you type" and other more functional sort features seem like such an intuitive functions that it's crazy nothing more is available. The absence of this along has me thinking of going back to MFP. @Karen_Cronometer Are there any updates worth sharing at this time?

  • Hi there,

    It sounds like what would be more useful for you is to have the most recent/frequent default food search list sorting options applied more like category filters like Favorites/Common/Custom etc. So you can limit your search to only your most recent/frequent food and then choose a different filter to search the wider database of foods?

    That wasn't how it was designed originally, I appreciate your feedback on how we can improve food search to make it easier for you!


    Karen Stark
    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

  • Hey, Karen. Yes, I think you're right on track with that. It seems logical to me -- a possibly several of your users -- to expect the most recent/frequent filters to apply to my own items.

  • @Karen_Cronometer I think that would be helpful.

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