Fasting pre-configured / saved chunks?

Any updates to the Fasting scheduler in the works? I've not found it very useful, so kept using Zero.

The big thing I'd like is pre-configured Fasts of 20, 40, etc hours - that I can setup, and then repeat by starting / selecting the saved type of fast. The need to schedule and change the time and dates as you set them up or things change in the fasting plan makes it way too clicky :)

Here is my typical use case: I eat in 20:4 or 44:4 windows, most weeks. So I'd like to be able to set up a 20 hour, 44 hour, and 66 hour fast then initiate them to start a countdown timer, and then stop the timer to capture the length of fast - this means timer can run beyond the countdown as bonus time. I dont want to have to schedule the date and time of them, nor have to edit the date and time to stop or start them if the plan changes.

Thanks for considering the request!


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    Hi DrHill,

    We do have improvements planned for this feature - thanks very much for you feedback. This is really helpful to hear how you use the fasting feature and what would make it easier for you to use.


    Karen Stark
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    I'd just like to have the time since last eaten recorded in the fasting section. Toggle a minimum as an option. As everything has a time stamp, then the time between meals is simple maths. Other options could be calorie toggle - eg a 'dirty' fast wouldn't be broken with an espresso shot.

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    I tried to set the start date/time of my current fast to two days ago. I can not change the date/time from the current date/time no matter what I do. So pretty useless for me, I'm not so organized that I can plan my fasts a month in advance or any such thing.

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