GKI chart to show GKI range of 1 through 9

The current charts show in units of measure that don't align with values for GKI. Is there a way to modify its view to show the GKI index on the 1 through 9 scale. In general, having a GKI below 3.0 indicates high levels of ketosis in relation to low levels of glucose; 3-6 shows moderate ketosis, and 6-9 is mild ketosis. Anything above 9 and 10 is no ketosis. My graph currently shows a value of 91, which doesn't mean anytning to me. If I knew how to convert that index value then that I might help but it would be better to see is with the axis adjusted for the 1 to 9 plus range.


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    Hi there,

    The Glucose Ketone Index (GKI) is calculated as Blood Glucose (mmol) divided by Blood Ketones (mmol). Though the ratio is calculated using mmol values, you can still enter your glucose or ketone values in mg/dL if you like and the software will do the calculation for you.

    91 does seem high though - can you double check the units you used when you added these biometrics to your diary match the units reported on the device you used to measure them?


    Karen Stark
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    I think what I am needing now after looking closely and getting all of the units of meausre the same for the Blood Glucose and Ketone blood readings is to have the left Vertical Axis units divided by 10. Right now best I can tell a reading of 4.2 shows at the 42 level. Changing the left axis to range from 0 to 20 would probably cover off on everyone.

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