How is cronometer calculating net carbs?

Lakanto granulated sweetener boasts 0 net carbs because the carbs come from sugar alcohols. I noticed that cronometer reports it as 4 carbs per tsp. Does cronometer not subtract sugar alcohols to calculate net carbs? If so, why not?


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    Check your settings. There is option in there on whether you want to include or exclude sugar alcohols from net carbs.

    I exclude b/c I only use the 0 glycemic index sweeteners -- stevia, monkfruit, erythritol, and allulose. All other non-sugar sweeteners do impact blood sugar to some degree so should count as some amount of carbs.

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    Thank you. That fixed it. The plain lakanto is only erythrytol and monk fruit. It was still showing up as 4 net carbs. This setting fixed it.

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    But it didn't fix my issue. Can you pls give any alternative solution? Will be grateful.

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    What is your issue? Post a screenshot if you can.

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    Thanks. my issue is solved now. Thank you very much

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    I'm having a similar problem -- but it's a case of Cronometer NOT calculating the net carbs properly. Attaching images.
    This is the product in the Cronometer DB. It shows Total Carbs 9g and Dietary Fiber of 9g, which should yield Net carbs = 0:

    Yet, when I add this product to my recipe, it shows a net carb of 3g:

    And my settings are as follows

    Just another grandmother trying to change old habits ...

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