How is cronometer calculating net carbs?

Lakanto granulated sweetener boasts 0 net carbs because the carbs come from sugar alcohols. I noticed that cronometer reports it as 4 carbs per tsp. Does cronometer not subtract sugar alcohols to calculate net carbs? If so, why not?


  • Check your settings. There is option in there on whether you want to include or exclude sugar alcohols from net carbs.

    I exclude b/c I only use the 0 glycemic index sweeteners -- stevia, monkfruit, erythritol, and allulose. All other non-sugar sweeteners do impact blood sugar to some degree so should count as some amount of carbs.

  • Thank you. That fixed it. The plain lakanto is only erythrytol and monk fruit. It was still showing up as 4 net carbs. This setting fixed it.

  • But it didn't fix my issue. Can you pls give any alternative solution? Will be grateful.

  • What is your issue? Post a screenshot if you can.

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    Thanks. my issue is solved now. Thank you very much

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