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I have a question about a water selection that more closely matches what I drink, every day. Typically, because of the heat, and the fact that I move/exercise enough to burn about 3000+ calories on a slow day, I drink a gallon+ of water. The water I drink is R.O. water run through a very efficient R.O. filter which reduces the mineral content in the water to, basically nothing.

All of the current water selections significantly skew mineral content. Tap Water, for instance skews Calcium (11%), Copper (42%), Magnesium (9%), Sodium (10%) and Zinc (3%). Spring Water has the least impact with Calcium (3%), Magnesium (9%) and Sodium (2%). Filtered Water has a significant skew with Calcium (3%), Magnesium (43%), Sodium (2%) and Selenium (32%).

Can we modify one of the water selections, in the database, to cover pure, filtered, R.O. Water with no mineral content so that I get a better view of my actual, versus skewed, mineral intake on a daily basis? Constantly having to adjust for inaccurate water numbers is a real pain.



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    Hi Dar,

    You can create a custom food to add to your diary that contains only water, if that will meet your needs.

    You can also edit a copy of any food in our database to modify what we have to better estimate your intake.
    To edit a copy of a food, please follow these steps:
    1. Go to the Foods tab
    2. Go to the Search Foods sub-tab
    3. Search for the Food you wish to edit and select it to open it in the Food Editor
    4. Select the Gear Icon in the top right hand corner
    5. Choose Edit a Copy, from there you can make changes to your recipe and then Save Changes
    This food will now be in your custom foods list.

    Karen Stark
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    THANK YOU! YOU ROCK! This works perfectly.

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    I also use my custom Pure Water food to adjust cooked weight of recipes where all the ingredients were from lab analyzed sources and I assume most weight loss was due to evaporation.

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