Discrepancy between fitness tracker and what shows in my diary

Using a Withings HR Sport, noticed a couple days ago what the watch is reporting and showing on it's app isn't what is showing in my diary. For example today I had a 26min walk which on the watch's app says I burned 164cals, in the diary it says -87, is it doing something with the numbers reported by the watch? My daily activity is reported on another line, this is just the walk. Activity level in settings is set to none.


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    Hi there,

    Calories burned from exercise and activities can be imported into Cronometer as discrete exercises (walk, run, etc.) and as a general 'Daily Activity'. If you add these together, are they close to your total activity calories reported in your Withings app?

    If the total is still off, would you mind sending us an email to support@cronometer.com? It would be helpful to see the calories reported in your Withings account. Thanks!

    Karen Stark
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