Using Cronometer for two people

Newbie question here. Both my wife and I want to use Cronometer to lose weight and become healthier. Is there a way to share information from one family unit across different accounts? I am assuming we each need our own account-- is that even right? We are doing intermittent fasting, so we are definitely going to purchase Gold membership(s) to activate that and other advanced features. We just created our first account today, so any advice you can give will be very appreciated.


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    Hi Seasparrow,

    You will each need a separate account to track your nutrition.

    With a Gold subscription, you can share your custom foods and recipes between accounts so you can both enter in the same foods. From the Settings tab, click on the Sharing sub-tab then +Add a Friend. Enter your wife's email address and it will send her an invitation to share custom foods and recipes. She will have to accept the invitation to get started.

    You can create a custom recipe in the Foods tab to share between accounts.
    You can also add foods to your diary and select multiple items (hold the shift key as you click items to include) then right-click to create a recipe from the selected ingredients - I find this a quicker method for quick meals that weren't prepared from a recipe.

    Let us know if you have any questions along the way! We hope you like using Cronometer :)

    Karen Stark
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    Thank you Karen. I already purchased a gold account because of the extra tracking and fasting timer. Now I know what to do to share info with my wife's account. I appreciate the help!

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