Phosphorus on Whole Food Plant Base (WFPB) nutrition

Anyone else having problem meeting phosphorous and selenium DRI on WFPB eating reasonable amount of vegetables ( 400 to 600 g/day), and careful nuts consumption because of their high fat contents?

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    Those are two that I almost always meet! Do you eat beans? I looked at my trends and most of my phosphorus is from beans (oats and potatoes are also quite good). For selenium, just eat half a brazil nut a day (only 16 calories, but 82% of selenium needs). My real problem is Vitamin E. I don't eat any oil and also try to limit nut consumption so I basically never meet that.


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    @iamthewalrus Thank you for the response. THIS IS SCARY!!


    I bought a bag of "Raw Brazil Nuts " ( product of Bolivia, packed by Tom & Glasser Los Angeles, CA 90021, no junk chemicals, nor Monsanto poison added ) with the express intention of boosting my Se intake. I have been taking 1/2 a nut ( about 2 gm ) daily with no marked different outcome, still only reaching about 30% of the USDA recommendation of 55 μg/day.

    After reading your comment, I went to check the bag of "Raw Brazil Nuts" only to discover that the nutrition panel lists NO Se whatsoever!!!I disbelieving it, I used Cronometer to scan the bar code printed on the bag: the same results! When I searched Cronometer for (generic) Brazil nuts I was astounded by the Se content.

    Message to anyone reading this thread: When heading to the grocery store, don't leave home without your magnifying glass. The mega corporate food business motto is to step on its mother's dead body to get there; getting there in a hurry but never arriving.

    The Phosphorus daily deficiency is never met using Natto ( fermented soy beans), fava beans salads......etc I suppose I need to hike my intake.

    As to vitamin E, I am afraid one has to tread the treacherous supplement industry way in order to meet the minimum requirement!


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    The selenium content of Brazil nuts varies drastically. Depending on the origin, a single Brazil nut may contain 11% - 288% of the daily Se requirement. DOI:10.1016/j.chemosphere.2017.08.158.

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    @iamthewalrus take a look at almond milk for Vitamin E :)

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    Ooooh great tip! Can't believe I never thought of that :)

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