customizing activity levels

as is, the following activity levels are supported

Sedentary (BMR x 0.2): Little or no exercise. You will burn some additional calories over and above BMR even for light activity such as watching TV, working at a desk, etc. Use this setting if you are synced to a device that tracks workouts only (not tracking general activity).

Lightly Active (BMR x 0.375): Basic daily living (sitting, eating, walking around the office or house). Light exercise/sports 1-3 days/week

Moderately Active (BMR x 0.5): Moving frequently through the day (construction work, stocking shelves, cleaning, etc.) and/or moderate exercise 3-5 days/week

Very Active (BMR x 0.9): Intense activity through the day such as manual agricultural work or competitive athletic training.

I believe I fall somewhere in between lightly and moderately active. I do a lot more than basic daily living and exercise 1-3 days a week and yet, I don't do as much as a construction worker or a shelf stocker. In fact, I would assert that a construction worker is probably way more than moderately active (I don't know what kind of a construction worker is being considered but most I've seen in real life work very hard). Here is what I do every single day in order from waking up to going to bed –

Pilates ~10 mins
HIIT exercise 16 mins
walk ~5000-7000 steps
resistance bands ~10 mins
walk ~5000-7000 steps
HIIT exercise 7 mins

That is why I believe lightly active is too little for me and moderately active sounds too much. So, how do I adjust the numbers?


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    Hi punkish,

    I would recommend using the Custom option in the drop-down list for Activity Level and you can enter something in between.

    You can make changes from: Settings > Profile > Body Details


    Karen Stark
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    well, I knew I could do that. But before I embarked on that, I wanted a more informed opinion on whether or not I was correct. What do you think? Is my reasoning sound that I am more active than sedentary or even perhaps moderate, but bunging in "construction worker or shelf stocker" (people who are on their feet for the entire working day) into moderate seems wrong to me.

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