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I am looking under trends: nutrition report at net carbs under macronutrient goals. I have date range set for last week, all days displayed. When I click on net carbs, it opens to a list of foods that are "your top sources." On that list I have a bagel listed with 4.8g - 9% next to it. However when I entered the bagel into my diary, I indicated that it had 66.86g net carbs. What does the 4.8g mean? I am using macro ratios (20/10/70) and tracking carbs as net carbs + sugar. Thanks.


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    Hi waxsec,

    The Nutrition Report averages your net carbs over the time range you selected. In other words, the value given in your Nutrition Report for your bagel will be divided by the number of days included in your report.

    Is your for 14 days? 66.86 g net carbs / 14 days is about 4.8 g.

    I'd be happy to take a look at your report if this isn't adding up correctly; send our team an email at support@cronometer.com


    Karen Stark
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