connecting Cronometer, Withings Sports HR, and Apple Health

I just got a Withings Sports HR and am seeking the best way to connect this triad of devices/apps. I have not had very good luck with connecting Cronometer, Apple Health and the Withings Health Mate app so far as there has been a lot of double counting. (I won't go into that here as that deserves its own thread.) This is what I am thinking of doing –

  1. Write all the nutrition in Cronometer and have it write it out to Apple Health
  2. Enter body weight, body fat, and various measurements (height, waist, hips, neck, etc.) directly into Apple Health and have Cronometer read them from Apple Health
  3. Have the Withings watch write steps, distance, heart rate and active energy (plus any other exercises that I might hav the watch track for me) to Apple Health and have Cronometer read those values from Apple Health (not from Withings directly).

The idea is to have each device/app do what it is designed for, and have it send the data to Apple Health. Then distribute the data to other devices/apps from Apple Health as applicable.

Does that make sense?


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    Hi Punkish,

    I think I follow. Have you tried syncing your Withings account to Apple Health? Then, connect Apple Health with Cronometer to import all the data?

    If your workout Calories from Withings are being counted in your ‘Active Energy’ total in addition to being logged as an exercise, try turning off the Apple Health sharing permissions for ‘Active Energy’ with withings but keeping ‘Workout’ permissions turned on. You can edit your Apple Health permissions on your Apple device by following the steps outlined here:

    Open Settings > Privacy > Health > Select the app you wish to edit.

    Learn more about tweaking your settings for Apple Health here: https://cronometer.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360020734212


    Karen Stark
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