Nutritional information regarding cooked food

I started using Cronometer out of curiosity and I'll probably try to use it more.
I have one question regarding the reported nutritional information for cooked food. For instance, take Spinach, Cooked from Fresh: if I select 1 cup (180g), does it mean that I am seeing the nutritional information for 180g of cooked spinach? Is there a way to know how many grams of raw spinach do I have to cook to get 180g? Thank you.


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    Hello lorenoF,

    You are getting the nutrition information for 1 cup of cooked spinach in this case.

    There isn't a quick way figure out how much raw spinach it would take to make 1 cup of cooked spinach. For convenience, I measure my portion after it is cooked. Or, measure how much raw spinach I am going to cook, then enter that amount to my diary for Spinach, Raw. I hope that makes it easier to enter for you too!


    Karen Stark
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