Diary Planned Meals

In my Diary I would like to see:
1) Meals consumed.
2) Meals planned.

When planned meals are consumed, I'd like to check them as "consumed".
When planned meals missed or not consumed, remove them from that particular day diary.

This would be valuable in planning my daily targets.


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    I do this just using the regular program...i add everything I plan for the day into the meal categories I created on the diary and just remove anything that I didn't eat, and adjust portion sizes if necessary on others, as each meal goes by. That way throughout the day I have a good idea where I am with the macros/calories. Then end of the day I mark the day complete.

    If you would like to separate as planned/consumed, you could create a time segment labeled consumed and one labeled planned then put everything in planned at the beginning of the day or when you are planning and then move to the consumed section or delete as necessary. With the 8 segments available you could probably do a planned breakfast and consumed breakfast (and other meals) and during planning put in planned and move to consumed for that meal as you eat them.

    The one issue might be if you want to totals for consumed vs planned...if you use just two categories instead of meals you could do it by just highlighting that category which will show you in the totals just information for that category - that way you can see totals for what you have consumed and what you have planned separately.

    Hope this is helpful...I'm a big planner and I think this program has great tools for that.

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